JP Associates

  • Secure Safe

    Looking for a safe to store cash, valuables, laptops, etc., for an affordable price? Look no further.

    The secure safe is designed to protect cash and valuables from the threat of theft. Items recommended for storage include cash, jewellery, passport, documents, etc., to name a few.

  • Secure Safe Trend I & II

    The secure safe Trend I & II is designed to protect any valuable goods against burglary. Furthermore the Trend II is provided with insulation material which offers fire protection.

  • Cabinets and Safes

    Fire resistant cabinets for your important documents, and jewelery, high volume cash, data storage, etc., These are very heavy safes with different levels of burglary protection for your valuables.

  • Vaults and doors

    High security strong room door and vaults. Ideal of big financial institutions.